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Advantages & Adversities of AI: A Risk-Based Approach to the Future of Resilience 

April 10, 2024

4:10 - 5:00 PM


Welcome to the realm of possibilities and dark alleyways, where artificial intelligence converges with simulation and real life. This session will emphasize the importance of understanding the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in risk and resilience. We will cover why AI is good for our profession using present case studies and examples of AI-driven successes in resilience. We will also look at the potential risks and drawbacks of AI in the context of resilience - touching on concerns with ethics, privacy, and data security. As Third Party Risk professionals, what should we be asking – what are those critical questions and safeguards? We will conclude with what are the emerging trends and future scenarios related to AI and risk.  

Donna Speckhard | Risk Advisor | Fannie Mae

An Internationally recognized risk and resilience coach with 15+ years of experience working with Federal, State, local, NGOs, and corporations. Donna has a proven track record of assisting organizations in identifying, analyzing, mitigating emerging threats and risks through solution-oriented problem-solving. She is a published thought leader with a passion for Operational Risk and Resilience. A problem-solver of large, complex, cross-functional challenges and an advocate of using gamification, microsimulations, and thinking outside the box problem solving techniques. She is a Senior Third Party Risk Lead at Fannie Mae and also sits on the Advisory Board for MIT’s Crisis Management & Business Resilience Course Alumni Group and was recently selected to sit on the Advisory Board for Women in Leadership Program at the University of Colorado.

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