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Continuous Monitoring for Third Party Threat Hunting

April 11, 2024

4:10 - 5:00 PM


We'll teach some fundamentals of CM, but then explore how to leverage more than just vendor security tools to get more risk identification. Sync up your Cyber Threat Intel data, Splunk, NGFW and other data sources to get near real-time context-aware information about your vendor risk.

Gregory Rasner | Author | "Zero Trust & Third Party Risk"

Gregory is the author of the books “Cybersecurity & Third-Party Risk: Third-Party Threat Hunting” (Wiley, 2021) and “Zero Trust and Third-Party Risk: Reduce the Blast Radius” (Wiley, 2023); and the content creator of training and certification program “Third-Party Cyber Risk Assessor” (Third Party Risk Association, 2023).  Greg is the co-chair for ISC2 Third-Party Risk Task Force and is an advisor to local colleges on technology and cybersecurity.  He is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist on cybersecurity and risk management topics, along with blogs, podcasts, and online articles.  Gregory is the SVP and Leader for Cyber Third-Party Risk at Truist Financial Corp. and received his B.A. from Claremont McKenna College.  His wife is a cybersecurity leader and enjoys travelling internationally with his family as frequently as possible.

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