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Expert Plays Roundtable: Executive & Business Owner Buy-In (Expectations, Responsibilities, & TPRM Champions)

April 10, 2024

1:00 - 1:50 PM

Valley of the Sun E

Join our roundtable on Executive & Business Owner Buy-In, where we delve into the intricacies of expectations, responsibilities, and the role of TPRM champions.

In this session, industry experts will guide discussions on navigating the challenges of gaining executive and business owner support for robust TPRM strategies. Explore effective communication strategies to articulate the importance of TPRM, aligning it with business goals, and fostering a culture of risk awareness. Discover insights on setting clear expectations for decision-makers, thus allowing them to understand their responsibilities in the TPRM framework. Uncover successful approaches to identify and empower TPRM champions within your organization.

This roundtable promises a dynamic exchange of ideas, practical solutions, and valuable networking opportunities for professionals keen on optimizing their TPRM processes through executive and business owner buy-in.

Kelly Felder | Senior Analyst | Trane Technologies

Kelly Felder is part of the Third Party Risk team at Trane Technologies. With a background in consulting, Kelly has many years of experience in cyber risk, particularly within third party risk management. Much of her experience involves evaluating, standing up and/or redesigning, executing, and continually improving third party risk programs.


Kelly received her BS and MS in Forensic Science from the University of Baltimore, and currently resides in Maryland with her family and 3 dogs: Izzy, Ella, and Mavis. Beyond professional pursuits, Kelly spends much of her free-time volunteering in her community.

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