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When TPRM Meets LLM: The “Aha” Moment

April 11, 2024

10:00 - 10:50 AM

Valley of the Sun E

TPRM is having an “aha” moment with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly Large Language Models (LLMs).

For decades, the industry has relied on manual processes, exchanging reports, evidence and questionnaires. Not to mention all these processes consume countless expert hours. But now, LLMs present an opportunity to transform TPRM, unlocking a new era of efficiency, effectiveness, and deeper insights.

With this mindset, about a year ago, Black Kite Research built the Unique Parser 2.0 AI engine that relied on a foundational language model to ease third party process. The engine leverages a foundational language model to streamline and simplify the third-party assessment process.

Parser 2.0's capabilities extend far beyond mere natural language processing. It operates as an intelligent system with the understanding and expertise of a cybersecurity and TPRM professional. This allows it to:

  • Comprehend reports and questionnaires: Parser 2.0 can ingest and analyze vast amounts of textual information, deciphering the meaning and extracting key details.

  • Map findings to industry and custom controls: The AI engine automatically aligns extracted information with relevant industry and company-specific controls, providing a clear picture of compliance and potential risks.

Gokcen Tapkan | Director of Data Research | Black Kite

Gokcen Tapkan is the Director of Data Research at Black Kite, where she plays a key role in leading cutting-edge AI and ML projects combining her past experience in cybersecurity, compliance and risk. With a background in cryptography, cybersecurity, and compliance, she brings 10+ years of expertise in the government sector, particularly in military-level information security. Since 2012, she has been an Expert Evaluator for European Projects. Holding a master's degree in Computer Engineering from Bosphorus University, Gokcen is not only dedicated to her professional role but also actively engaged in a charitable AI project focused on supporting children on the autism spectrum. Her commitment to leveraging technology for social good is a testament to her passion for making a positive impact

Bob Maley | Chief Security Officer | BlackKite

Bob has been involved in security for most of his career, initially in physical security as a law enforcement officer. In those years Bob acquired a broad range of expertise and experience in all areas of security, including third-party security, risk assessment, architecture, design, policy development, deployment, incident response and investigation and enterprise solution deployments in areas including intrusion detection, data protection, compliance, and incident reporting and response.

Most recently, he was the Head of PayPal’s Global Third-Party Security & Inspections team, developing the program from the ground up into a state-of-the-art risk management program.

In a previous role as Chief Information Security Officer for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, he led the Pennsylvania Information Security Architecture program to win the 2007 award for outstanding achievement in information technology by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).

Bob has been named a CSO of the Year finalist for the SC Magazine Awards and was nominated as the Information Security Executive of the Year, North America. Additionally, his team was a finalist in the SC Magazine Awards for Best Security Team.

Bob’s certifications include CRISC, CTPRP and OpenFAIR.

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