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Innovation Request Form

Welcome to TPRA's Innovation Request Forum, a place where TPRM practitioners can detail the products, services, tools & more that they would like to see introduced to the TPRM world. Our innovative TPRM Vendor Member's are dedicated to furthering the profession of third party risk, but they can't do that if they don't know what solutions TPRM professionals are searching for. So, let them know!

About This Program

Get ready to revolutionize the way we tackle TPRM!

Are you facing unique challenges in managing your TPRM tools? Do you have innovative ideas bubbling up in your mind? Share your TPRM tool challenges, thoughts, and ideas with us! By completing our Innovation Request Form, you not only get to voice your concerns and ideas but also stand a chance to witness them materialize into cutting-edge solutions. TPRA is calling on you to shed light on any challenges that haven't been tackled by existing tools and to pitch your concepts for groundbreaking new tools. Our dynamic startup community is eagerly awaiting your insights and creative sparks. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of TPRM!

Innovation Request - Complete Form

Below you will find a detailed form aimed at collecting valuable insights into TPRM practitioners' perspectives, which will then help guide the development of TPRM tools tailored to your specific needs.


The form is broken into 10 sections, including: your information, your problem & solution, feature prioritization, user experience, automation & efficiency, integration with existing systems, reporting & analytics, regulatory compliance, scalability, and training & support.


Please note, you are not required to complete every section of the form. These are just there to give you the opportunity of providing additional and/or more detailed information about your ideal solution. Required fields are marked with a * at the end. 

Your Information (Required*)

Your Problem & Ideal Solution (Required*)

Is this an industry-specific problem/solution? If so, please note relevant industries. If no, select "All Industries."

Feature Prioritization (Optional)

User Experience (Optional)

Automation & Efficiency (Optional)

Integration with Existing Systems (Optional)

Reporting & Analytics (Optional)

Regulatory Compliance (Optional)

Scalability (Optional)

Training & Support (Optional)

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