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Member of Compliance, TPRM/ERM Lead

United States (Remote)

Job Type

Full Time; Mid-Senior Level


Anchorage Digital

Application Deadline

May 31, 2024

About the Role

Technical Skills:

Brings knowledge of best practices in TPRM and ERM for heavily regulated financial institutions.

Complexity and Impact of Work:

Designs, executes and matures the TPRM framework, vendor management program, and procurement across all Anchorage Digital businesses and entities.
Designs, executes and matures the ERM framework, policies, and procedures across all Anchorage Digital businesses.
Works regularly with abstract ideas addressing future concepts, products or technologies.
Is able to represent and be accountable for the technical output of the TPRM and ERM teams.
Consistently demonstrates on-time delivery and high quality work product. Where a deadline or commitment is at risk, escalates to manager to help manage priorities, if appropriate, and alerts affected stakeholders so “no surprises".

Organizational Knowledge:

Ensures alignment and integration between initiatives, priorities, people, processes and structures in their department, cross-departments and with the broader strategic priorities of Anchorage Digital.
Works on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth knowledge of the company.
Stays aware of changes through cross-functional collaboration to anticipate and prevent obstacles from hindering team performance.
Collaborates effectively across teams and disciplines to solve problems and resolve technical debates.

Communication and Influence:

Presents TPRM and ERM reports to senior management, boards, and external stakeholders such as the OCC. Is able to communicate complex issues clearly and credibly.
Articulates a clear strategy for the team, produces high quality output and execution, and communicates across the company effectively.


You may be a fit for this role if you have:

  • Deep experience in a regulated financial services company
  • You have worked in TPRM and ERM in TradFi and heavily metricized institutions
  • You are analytical, have strong sense of urgency, deliver on time and have an eye for detail
  • You can create (and write!) programs, policies and procedures
  • Be a people leader by providing constructive feedback to your team, engage with stakeholders and build bridges
  • You can make fast decisions, have a great risk lens and have ruthless prioritization.

Although not a requirement, bonus points if:

  • You were emotionally moved by the soundtrack to Hamilton, which chronicles the founding of a new financial system.

About the Company

Anchorage Digital is a crypto platform that enables institutions to participate in digital assets through custody, staking, trading, governance, and settlement. With the only federally chartered crypto bank in the US, as well as Anchorage Digital Singapore, which offers equivalent security and service standards, Anchorage Digital delivers an unparalleled combination of security, regulatory compliance, and platform capabilities. T

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