The Third Party Risk Association (TPRA) is hosting its Winter 2020 virtual conference for Practitioner Members the week of November 9 – 13, 2020.  The format of this conference will include two hours of virtual presentations each day during the times of 10 AM to 12 PM Central. 


Our winter virtual conference will introduce attendees to The Strategy of Third Party Risk.  Often times, organizations view risk in a reactive manner.  Today, organizations cannot afford to respond to third party risk in this way as the risk environment changes quickly based on technological advances and the determination of threat actors.  Organizations must be proactive in designing their risk programs to first consider third party risk from an inherent perspective.  Their programs also need to build in strong exit strategies and continuity plans.  Boards should be asking questions around third party risk and Executives should provide their teams with the resources to carry out strategic third party reviews. 


The overall virtual conference is expected to attract an estimated 100 attendees; however, attendees per call will vary.  Attendees represent a broad cross-section from private sector, commerce, and industry.  


Who Should Participate?
Any Third Party Risk Management and/or Security service provider.


Your participation fee includes one 30-minute time slot to discuss a specific topic.  Each topic will be provided to only one vendor and topics will not repeat.  This conference will not allow for the selling or reviewing of specific vendor products. 

2020 TPRA Winter Virtual Conference: Vendor

  • Cancellation Policy: Due to the tight turn-around, there will be no refunds provided for vendors that cancel as we will not be able to back fill your speaking time slot.  Thank you for your understanding.

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