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Test 2



Date Submitted

February 5, 2024

What challenges are you experiencing within your own TPRM program that you have thus far been unable to find a solution (tool/product/service) for?


In your opinion, what would an ideal solution for this problem look like?


What features do you consider crucial for this tool to be effective?

Are there any specific capabilities or integrations you feel are currently lacking in existing solutions that you would like to see in this new tool?

What user-friendly functionality do you find in your current TPRM tool set that could be applied to this tool? What improvements would you suggest?

Are there any specific aspects of user interface design that you believe would enhance usability?

In what areas of your TPRM processes do you see the potential for automation with this tool?

How could this tool better support the automation of repetitive or time-consuming tasks?

What existing systems or platforms do you use for risk management or related processes?

On a scale of 1 - 5, how important is seamless integration with these systems for a new TPRM tool?


What kind of reporting and analytics features would provide the most value to your TPRM program?

Are there specific metrics or insights you currently find challenging to extract?

How critical is it for a TPRM tool to support regulatory compliance in your industry?

Are there specific compliance requirements that you consider a priority?

How do you foresee the growth of your TPRM program in the future, and what scalability requirements would you have for a new tool?

What level of training and support do you anticipate needing for your team in adopting a new TPRM tool?

Are there any specific resources or assistance you would find valuable during the implementation phase?

Anything else you'd like to mention regarding the challenge(s) you are experiencing or your ideal solution?

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