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TPRM Service Provider Profiles

What are TPRM Service Provider Profiles?

TPRM Service Provider Profiles are specific to TPRA Vendor Members and provide organizations with descriptive and concise snapshots of individual service provider capabilities and information. These profiles assist with understanding and evaluating service provider capabilities to make product/service decisions and aid in fostering communication and connection between organizations. 

Top 10 product
functionality categories

  1. Onboarding and Transactional Enablement

  2. Enhanced Due Diligence

  3. Intake & Scope

  4. Engagement-level Risk Assessment

  5. Risk Management Lifecycle

  6. Termination & Off-boarding

  7. Continuous Monitoring & Management

  8. Contract Management

  9. Supplier Performance Management

  10. Issue Management and Remediation

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Aravo strives to make the enterprise more responsible, sustainable and ultimately more profitable. Our customers work with us to mitigate risk across their extended enterprise leveraging Aravo’s industry leading TPRM platform, portfolio of 30+ risk applications, and best practice frameworks. Enterprise teams responsible for ensuring suppliers, vendors, partners, and other third parties meet risk and regulatory requirements have Aravo as a trusted technology and business partner who understands their needs for risk visibility, management and mitigation.

Aravo’s solutions incorporate over 22 years of working experience with global brands, over 10 verticals to deliver program expertise, unified visibility and operational agility for our customers’ TPRM initiatives. Our team works to help manage risk and promote integrity for our customers so they can:


  • Avoid financial and brand liability