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External Events

The TPRA promotes the industry of third party risk, which includes events conducted by other third party risk-related groups and organizations.  Check back here regularly to see our list of external events.  If you would like to promote your next third party risk-specific event, please email

Disclaimer: TPRA does not endorse or sponsor the products/services of one particular organization; however, we do communicate training opportunities for the benefit of the community.


Navigating consulting challenges with technology-driven solutions


April 23, 2024


Join RSM US LLP on Tuesday, April 23, at 1 p.m. EDT for a dynamic webcast and embark on a transformative journey as we tackle the complexities of the consulting industry. Our upcoming webcast event is an exclusive gateway to the following:

Insights and overviews: Gain a deep understanding of the consulting industry and the technology landscape.

Strategic solutions: Learn how RSM’s extensive tech experience solves industry challenges and enhances business processes.

Dynamic demonstrations: Explore NetSuite and Microsoft technologies firsthand, guided by industry leaders.

Event highlights:

  • Introduction and industry overview: Dive into RSM’s background and a comprehensive overview of consulting industry challenges. Learn how a consulting firm improved its business outcomes through technology.

  • NetSuite demonstration: Witness the power of NetSuite in addressing multi-entity reporting, project management and more.

  • Microsoft showcase: Explore Microsoft’s role in solving consulting challenges through a detailed solution demonstration.


Integrating privacy strategically into your business


April 24, 2024


As your data privacy program matures, your approach shifts from reactive task-driven work to proactive planning for new company initiatives and emerging privacy regulations. To succeed, your privacy initiatives need more structure, leadership accountability, and improved change management, along with better visibility into your overall data privacy posture.

Join this session to learn from OneTrust experts about how to take your data privacy programs to the next level by:

  • Building upon your existing capabilities and leveling up your teams

  • Partnering more closely with marketing teams to build first-party data

  • Automating your core privacy workflows


Vendor Contract Management for Beginners


May 7, 2024


A well-written vendor contract is one of your most valuable tools for managing third-party risks. The contract is essential for protecting your organization and its customers.

This webinar will look at the vendor contracting process, walk you through that process, show you some contract examples, discuss how this might apply to your current process, discuss some specific contract considerations, and much more. Familiarizing yourself with these basic concepts will provide you with a newfound confidence in the vendor contract management process.

Register now to learn:

  • Vendor contract management basics

  • The process of vendor contract management

  • Service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Ongoing contract management

  • Contract termination

  • Key takeaways


Performing a Complete Vendor Contract Review


May 9, 2024

11 AM ET

The contract management process isn’t only about negotiating the best financial and legal terms for your organization. It’s also a key component of managing risk and vendor relationships. Comprehensive contract reviews help your organization protect itself and its customers, as well as manage the risk the vendor brings to the relationship.

Join this session where presenters will walk step-by-step through how to review a vendor contract. They’ll discuss key contract terms and conditions to include clauses and sample language, and how your organization’s exit strategy fits within vendor contract management.

Register now to learn:

  • Key elements of the vendor contract

  • Addressing fourth parties in your contracts

  • Key performance indicators and service level agreements

  • Exit strategies

  • Common contract language and clauses

  • Key takeaways


Strategies to Mature Your Vendor Risk Management Program


May 21, 2024

11 AM ET

You have already established the foundation for your vendor risk management program, but what should be your next steps? How can you attain program maturity? When you need to move beyond the basics, where should you focus your time and effort to enhance and optimize your vendor risk management program?

Join this comprehensive webinar to learn more about achieving vendor risk management program maturity, and tools and techniques to get there. Additionally, it’ll cover some helpful tips for overcoming any obstacles that may arise along the way.

Register now to learn:

  • The attributes of a mature vendor risk management program

  • Steps and actions to drive program maturity

  • Correctly identifying the right issues for improvement and removing barriers

  • Using a program maturity roadmap

  • Measuring and reporting your success

  • Key takeaways

Global Resilience Federation (GRF)

2024 GRF Summit on 3rd Party Risk and Security

In-Person Conference

November 12, 2024

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel Networking and Education on Critical Third-Party and Cybersecurity Issues, for Mutual Resilience The conference features dozens of speakers on third-party risk management, cloud security, emerging cybersecurity threats, and AI/machine learning threat mitigation and management. Attendees will gain an understanding of how some of the largest and most sophisticated organizations in the world are managing risk, and leave the conference better armed to defend their company, regardless of its size or the status of its risk mitigation program.

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