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TPRM Collaborative

Welcome to the TPRM Collaborative – a place for TPRA Practitioner Members to work with TPRM start-up organizations (TPRA Incubator Members) at the ground level in an effort to better the industry of third party risk through knowledge-sharing, benchmarking, insight exchange, and more.

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Accelerate Success

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Foster Collaboration

The TPRM Collaborative is just one facet of our Incubator Program. The goal of the Incubator Program is to empower and accelerate the success of innovative third party risk management startups by fostering a collaborative ecosystem, enabling startups to navigate challenges, develop cutting-edge solutions, and establish a robust presence in the evolving landscape of risk management.  

The vision of the Incubator Program is to be a catalyst for transformative innovation in third party risk management, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where startups thrive in pioneering solutions that redefine industry standards. We aspire to build a global community of resilient and adaptive risk management leaders who contribute to a secure and trustworthy business environment. Through our Incubator Program, we envision a future where emerging startups play a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of risk management practices, driving sustainability, and ensuring resilience in an ever-changing landscape. 

The TPRM Collaborative is multifaceted, with three primary sub-programs in support of the overall Incubator Program. All TPRA Practitioner Members are invited to participate in any of the below sub-programs.

Innovation Request

Get ready to revolutionize the way we tackle TPRM!

Are you facing unique challenges in managing your TPRM tools? Do you have innovative ideas bubbling up in your mind? Share your TPRM tool challenges, thoughts, and ideas with us! By completing our Innovation Request Form, you not only get to voice your concerns and ideas but also stand a chance to witness them materialize into cutting-edge solutions. TPRA is calling on you to shed light on any challenges that haven't been tackled by existing tools and to pitch your concepts for groundbreaking new tools. Our dynamic startup community is eagerly awaiting your insights and creative sparks. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of TPRM!

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Insight Exhange

Select practitioners will be able to attend 1:1 meetings with start-up organizations (at least quarterly) to provide incubator program participants with feedback on their new products/services. This is your chance to be the voice of the community and accelerate the success of these start-up organizations. An application is required and not all practitioners will be selected. This exchange may also provide you with the opportunity to become a beta tester for select start-ups, allowing you to test out new tools and services at a reduced or free rate. To be considered, please complete the application linked below.

RFP Submissions

Looking for a new TPRM tool but don't know where to start?  TPRA is making available to practitioner members an additional resources for RFP submissions. These RFPs will be accessible to not only start-up organizations, but also all TPRA Vendor Members. Say goodbye to the hassle of cold calls and scattered inquiries – our platform puts you in touch with experts ready to tackle your challenges head-on. Connect directly with a vast network of TPRM service providers, ensuring you find the perfect match for your organization's unique needs. 

Meeting Room

Grow With Us

These programs are at the very heart of TPRA's organizational mission: to further the profession of third party risk through knowledge-sharing and networking.


Our Practitioner Members are an integral part of that goal. In an ever-changing risk landscape, collaboration is the true key to success. These programs are open to any interested TPRA Practitioner Member and your participation is essential to transformative innovation in the third party risk management field.

If you have questions regarding any of these programs, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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