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BreachSiren provides affordable continuous vendor monitoring software for community banks and healthcare organizations. We offer ready-to-use audit reports that will enhance your due diligence and board reporting. Leverage our data to negotiate better with your vendors and ensure that they are adhering to your contract terms.

Jay Bobo

Jay Bobo

Founder / CEO of BreachSiren

Jay Bobo is the founder of BreachSiren, a startup dedicated to enhancing breach intelligence. Together with his team, they work alongside regulators, aiming to streamline third-party risk management by providing automated vendor breach monitoring.

With a rich background in tech and cybersecurity spanning over twenty years, Jay has shared his knowledge at several events, including TriangleInfoSeCon, South By Southwest Interactive, Pittsburgh ISACA, AfroTech San Francisco, Central Ohio InfoSec Summit, the Third Party Risk Association’s Risk Roundup and many others.

His work and insights in technology and cybersecurity have been recognized in various media platforms such as The AppSec Podcast, CBS…

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