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GAN Integrity is how compliance teams at even the most complex organizations get the tools and expertise to stay ahead of risk. With less effort but more reach, you finally get a better way to do your good work.

Joshua Reynolds

Joshua Reynolds

Head of Solutions Consulting for GAN Integrity

Joshua is the Head of Solutions Consulting for GAN Integrity, supporting enterprise clients in the design and implementation of Compliance programs across the full spectrum of compliance issues, including Third Party Risk Management, Incident Management, Conflicts of Interest, Gifts and Hospitality, OSHA, international trade compliance, anti-trust/anti-competition, and so on.

For the past 24 years he has specialized in the most highly regulated and scrutinized industries in the world, such as healthcare, pharma, finance, aerospace, defense, and similar. Over his career he has designed and implemented compliance practices for over a hundred the biggest companies and institutions in the world. He…

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