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Vendor Member Events

Join us for monthly and quarterly events!

Video Call

Vendor Member Calls

Held on the first Friday of the third month of each quarter

Join us each quarter as we discuss the opportunities to promote your business, products, and services to TPRA Practitioner members. We will also update you on the latest TPRA news and request real-time feedback on your vendor member benefits. Agendas are sent one week before each meeting. 

TPRA Conferences

Held every Spring and Fall

Join our Spring in-person and Fall virtual TPRM conferences to hear from industry experts, engage in a variety of diverse discussions, and attend exclusive network events to collaborate with peers.


As a benefit of Vendor Membership, you also have access to heavily discounted Sponsorship rates, which include speaker slots. For more information, please email or submit the form on our Vendor Promotional Calendar.

Clapping Audience
Business Video Call

Vendor Benchmarking Sessions

Held every fourth Friday of the month

New this year, and by request only, you are able to set up and attend benchmarking sessions with our TPRA staff, Board, and select Practitioner members. These meetings are for you to ask questions related to the industry, share your products/services, and receive feedback on what is working or is not working from a TPRM industry perspective. Each meeting will be with one TPRA Vendor Member organization.

Focus Group Calls
TPRM 101 Guidance Build-Out

Held every fourth Thursday of the month

During our focus group calls, more mature programs assist with the build out of TPRA's Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) 101 Guidance. Any TPRA member may join but it is recommended members with more mature programs participate.

Online Meeting
Virtual Team Meeting

Held every second Thursday of the month

Vendor Members are invited to select Practitioner monthly meetings. This page will also be updated with a link to register as invitations are made available. 

New this year, we will extend our meetings by 30 minutes and hold "TPRM Tool Talk" sessions. This new series is a chance for you to demo your product and/or services to Practitioner Members. 

To obtain a demo spot, you can:

  • Sponsor a meeting, in which you would be the only vendor member invited, or

  • Use your incentive points. It only takes the referral of one Premium member or 5 Standard members to receive a demo spot!

Practitioner Member Calls
& "TPRM Tool Talk"

Interested in Performing a "Tool Talk" Demo?

Check out the Vendor Member Promotions page to view our schedule of available dates for a "TPRM Tool Talk" demo and sign up! 

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