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Raquel Wilson

Raquel Wilson

Third Party Risk, Senior Analyst



Raquel's career started at DocuSign's Vulnerability Management team where she learned about how DocuSign did security. She then worked on the Compliance team, where she learned about security best practices and industry standards. The last five years, she has been in Third Party Risk Management, where she has learned about how many different companies handle security.

Leadership Characteristics

Clifton Strengths: Consistency, Discipline, Harmony, Futuristic, & Significance.

Leadership Challenges

Raquel has overcome everything life has thrown at her with teamwork, adaptability, resiliency, and focusing on simplicity.

Key Take-a-ways

"My favorite aspect of TPRM is being able to work with many different vendors and internal teams, everyday is something new!"

Fun Fact

Raquel has a small business, selling whipped tallow balm because she and her children suffered from embarrassing keratosis pilaris. Since she's discovered the incredible impact of tallow, she has seen a remarkable transformation and started selling her own homemade whipped tallow balm. (

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