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Moving Your Program Beyond 'Traditional Suppliers'

April 10, 2024

11:00 - 11:50 AM


Expanding your supplier risk program to a true third party risk program can be challenging. In addition to identifying the appropriate segmentation of your third parties, aligning any agreed upon variations to the overall program is imperative. Learn how one company approached this through the use of ‘Operating Models’.

Topics include:

  • Identifying and segmenting categories including criteria

  • Definitions, and risk champion / executive ownership

  • Evaluating existing controls

  • Defining due diligence and ongoing accountabilities

Stacey Custeau | AVP, Third Party Risk | Unum

Stacey Custeau, AVP, Third Party Risk at Unum Corporation.  Stacey has spent her career at Unum, a fortune 500 company providing income protection to millions of employees worldwide.  She has vast experience in all aspects of procurement and sourcing, focusing much of that time on data analytics and system implementations.  Stacey held various leadership roles in large scale change including leading the selection and implementation of Unums first comprehensive payables and procurement system, first Contract Management System and championing Workday as an early adopter for procurement\expenses.   

In 2016, Stacey began Unum’s Supplier Risk Management function.  From a one man shop with no framework or resources focusing only on traditional suppliers to a 5 person team with providing oversight to all third parties.  The journey to maturity has included enabling technology, policy creation and process execution.  The program is fully embedded in Unum’s US and UK Operations.

Toby Downs | Sr. Third Party Risk Consultant | Unum

Toby Downs, RIMS-CRMP is a Sr. Third Party Risk Consultant for Unum. Toby has 27+ years in financial services, 20+ with Unum providing value in various positions. In each role his primary focus has been on Unum’s sales partners and various distribution channels, with an emphasis on risk management and compliance. Toby joined Unum’s Third Party Risk organization in 2019.

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