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Leadership Ladder

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Welcome to TPRA's Leadership Ladders©.  Originally developed by TPRA's Women in TPRM "Lead" work group, this training activity is designed for all current and aspiring leaders within the Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) industry.  Each box on the board below is linked to a valuable resource–including customized guides, blogs, videos, quizzes, and more–with the goal of enhancing your leadership potential through buildable skills and expert insights. Any professional, regardless of what stage they're at in their career, can find value in this activity. 

How to Operate

To start your leadership journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start at the first square for a brief overview video.

  2. Click the text on the next square to open and review your first resource.

  3. Follow the numbers within each square as you discover a variety of resources which build on one another to give you a well-rounded and developed grasp on key leadership topics and skills.

  4. Hidden throughout the game are short Scenarios with multiple-choice answers. Choose correctly, thereby proving your leadership savviness, and you might be able to skip ahead a few squares. Choose wrong and you may find yourself needing a refresher on an earlier topic.

  5. Complete all the boxes, reach the end, and click the last square for a congratulatory video!

Resource Categories

Thoughtful intention went into developing the leadership categories and characteristics noted in the board below.  Designed to first develop your core competencies as a leader, the board will then lead you through other scenarios current and new leaders will face.  Please review the categories below (color coded for your reference).

  • Core Competencies​​

    • Communication

    • Collaboration

    • Confidence

    • Cultivating Relationships

    • Coaching

  • TPRM Lifecycle

  • Budgeting

  • HR Process

  • Boundaries

  • Driving Strategy & Influencing Change

  • Navigating Executive Leadership Discussions

  • Crucial Conversations

  • Mentorship

  • Public Speaking & Getting Published

Wooden Board
Driving Continue
Collaboration - Continue



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Driving Strategy & Influencing Change

How to Survive Change at Work



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TPRM Lifecycle

Contract Review

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Cultivating Rel

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Do you have something you thing should be added to Leadership Ladders? Do you have ideas on how we can improve the game? Whether it's content, formatting, or something else, submit comments below to let us know!

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