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Third Party Cyber Risk Assessor (TPCRA) Certification

The Importance of Certifications

A professional certification is a credential that verifies someone’s knowledge, skills and abilities to perform a specific job.  Pursuing a certification is an investment in your career and allows you to validate, as well as upscale your professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Professional certifications help you:

  • Maintain a high level of knowledge and skill in your profession

  • Show that you are committed to mastering your skills and knowledge in your field

  • Establish professional credibility

  • Differentiate yourself from other professionals in your field, showing that you have a demonstrated commitment to understanding and excelling in your profession

  • Advance faster in your career, especially in highly-specialized industries such as information technology (Columbia Southern University, 2021).

  • Develop a skill related to your field

  • Boost efficiency - The advanced training, information, and knowledge you gain from specialized coursework can provide you with up-to-date tools and technical strategies that will serve to guide and direct you in the execution of your projects, allowing you to manage all aspects of your work more effectively (MBO Partners, 2021)

  • Increase earning potential - Studies show that employees who invest in certifications tend to earn higher salaries

"For example, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification recipients report median salaries that are 26% higher than those who are not PMP certified" (MBO Partners, 2021)

After earning a certification, an individual can then start using a designation after their name. Many certifications have ongoing requirements to maintain that designation to ensure the skillset assessed at the time the exam was taken remains sharp.

TPRA Certifications can help you accomplish all of this and more. View our current certifications, find out how to qualify, and register above.

In order to maintain your certification status, earners must participate in 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) per year. On an annual basis, earners will be required to renew their certification ($100 for Standard, Vendor, and Non-members OR $85 for Premium Members) and submit evidence of at least 40 hours of credits.

Link to renew and submit CPEs coming soon!

Annual renewal badge for TPRA certifications
Credly credentialing professional badge

TPRA has partnered with Credly Digital Credentials to provide you with your certification designation that can be shared via your social media platforms.  Learn more about Credly Digital Credentials, what to expect, how to accept and access your Digital Credentials, and how to share!

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