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TPRA Vendor Membership

Learn about TPRA's available Vendor Member plans, the benefits included in each one, and how to join!

2024 Plans

ADVOCATE $8,000 ($16,000 value)
PARTNER $18,000 ($64,000 value)
PRINCIPAL $40,000 ($64,000 value)
CHAMPION $50,000 ($74,000 value)
Quarterly Updates
Learn about topics around TPRA benefits, promotional opportunities, upcoming events, and what practitioner members are discussing (i.e., their pain points).
Practitioner Member Calls (12)
Receive invitations to attend all of our Practitioner Member meetings. Opportunity to be a panel member or individual presenter.
Focus Group Calls (12)
During our monthly Focus Group Calls, TPRA Practitioner and Vendor Members work as a community to assist with the build out of TPRA's TPRM 101 Guidance, templates, & tools.
Website Access (Information Sharing, Meetings, Previous Meetings, etc.)
Gain access to our "Members Only" website to take advantage of Information Sharing resources, register for meetings, listen to meeting playback, and more.
Service Provider Profile
Provide the details of your products/ services and top 10 functional categories to allow Practitioners to learn more and engage with your products/services via our TPRA website.
LinkedIn Welcome Message
TPRA posts a Welcome Message featured on our LinkedIn page with your organization's logo, a sentence about your products/services, and company URL + link to organization LinkedIn.
Information Sharing (Tools, Templates, Whitepapers, etc.)
Submit resources (blogs, whitepaper, templates, survey results, reports, etc.) to be shared with Practitioner Members on our Information Sharing Site. Can include documents or link.
External Events (Webinars, Conferences, Workshops, etc.)
TPRA will communicate your upcoming events (webinars, conferences, workshops, etc.) to our membership.
Newsletter Spotlight
Receive TPRA’s Quarterly Newsletter that notes upcoming events, relevant TPRM topics, and member spotlights. Opportunity to be our Vendor Member Spotlight of the quarter.
Newsletter Blog Post Link
Have a link to a company blog article featured in our Quarterly Newsletter.
Survey Sharing
TPRA will share one (1) Vendor Member survey with our membership per quarter.
TPRA Blog Post Feature
Be a featured writer in TPRA blog posts.
External Jobs
Post your organization's TPRM-related job listings on our website and have them shared via our Pracitioner Slack Forum.
"TPRM Tool Talk" Demo
"TPRM Tool Talks" occur in the last 30 minutes following each of our monthly Practitioner meetings. Practitioners can stay on after their meeting to listen to and view your demo.
Benchmark Calls
By request only, attend benchmarking calls with TPRA staff, Board, & select Practitioner members. Ask questions, share your products/services, & receive feedback.
YouTube "TPRM Tool Talk" Video
We'll help you create a short video overview of your organization's product/services and share it on our YouTube Channel.
Customer Success Network Event
Practitioners you refer can attend networking events set up just for your organization!
Conference Opt-In List
Receive contact information for conference attendees who opt-in to sharing their information with our sponsors.
Fall Virtual Conference: Speaker Slot
Opportunity to speak at our annual Fall Virtual Conference at a heavily discounted rate.
Spring In-Person Conference: Standard Booth & Speaker Slot
Opportunity to have a Standard Booth plus a speaker slot at our annual In-Person Conference.
Spring In-Person Conference: Premium Booth & Speaker Slot
Opportunity to have a Premium Booth plus a speaker slot at our annual In-Person Conference.
TPRM Innovator Award
Our TPRM Innovator Award recognizes all of the work our Service Provider Members put into delivering efficient, effective ways for Practitioners to assess, mitigate, and manage the risk of their third parties.
BONUS OPPORTUNITY: Women In TPRM Program Participation
Get involved in our Women In TPRM (WNTPRM) Program and take advantage of a variety of opportunities!

Would receive for conference(s) sponsored

Can sponsor separately

Can sponsor separately

Can sponsor separately

Want to build your own plan? Check out our Patron À La Carte Plan!

Plans & Boosters

Why Join?

As a TPRA Vendor Member, you are recognized as an organization that believes in the mission of furthering the Third Party Risk Management profession through knowledge sharing and networking. Working together with Practitioners, you are an integral part of building a community that establishes TPRM guidance, tools, and works to promote the value that TPRM professionals add to their organizations.  While the Third Party Risk Association is vendor agnostic, we absolutely recognize the value our Vendor Members create not only in our profession, but also in the organizations our practitioners represent as well.


Vendor Members are invited to leverage the Third Party Risk Association as a platform for increased brand recognition within our industry -- we’ll support you with priority sponsorship opportunities, expedited customer support, and our partnership on providing you a voice within the larger TPRM community. Our membership and leadership can also serve as a resource offering unique insights into practitioner pain points and domain-specific challenges to inform your product offerings and prioritize your roadmaps.


As we continue to grow, adding to our ever-evolving community of verified TPRM practitioners, the Third Party Risk Association will continue consulting our Vendor Membership for guidance on industry trends, emerging risks, and enhanced program automation efforts.  The TPRA looks forward to working with you on furthering the profession of Third Party Risk Management together.

Why Join?

TPRA Practitioner Membership Demographics

Practitioner Demographics
Practitioner Members by Location
world map with icons noting tpra membership numbers in various countries
CPMR Program

TPRA Client Practitioner Membership Referral Program (CPMR) – Incentives

As a part of your member benefits, you have the opportunity to receive incentives for referring Standard and Premium Practitioner Members. The more members that sign up using your organization as a named referral, the more incentives you earn (up to and including 25% off sponsorship fees).


As a trusted vendor member, applications for the Practitioners you refer will be expedited.

Number of Members Referred
Incentive for Standard Plans Activated
Incentive for Premium Plans Activated
Customer success network event specifically for your clients and those that referred you.
Customer success network event AND 5% off a conference sponsorship.
5% off a conference sponsorship
10% off a conference sponsorship
10% off a conference sponsorship
15% off a conference sponsorship
15% off a conference sponsorship
Banner Ad on TPRA's website and an exclusive on TPRA's YouTube channel.
Join Now
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Ready to Join?

If you are looking to move forward with Vendor Membership, complete this form to begin the process! Our team will reach out soon with payment and contract details.

Want to chat?

If you are looking for additional information or want to discuss TPRA Vendor Membership in more detail, feel free to reach out to Heather! If you are looking to move forward with Vendor Membership, complete the "Ready to Join" form to begin the contracting process!

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Heather Kadavy

Senior Membership Success Coordinator

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