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The Third Party Risk Association (TPRA) is excited to bring you the first comprehensive, Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program guidebook. This guidebook will walk you through all phases of the TPRM lifecycle, in detail, and provide you with practical tools, tips, and examples for its implementation. It was developed over the course of three years from the input of numerous TPRM Practitioners, subject matter experts, and TPRM Service Provider organizations (i.e., the Third Party Risk Management Community). 

As this is the first edition of the guidebook, it is currently in DRAFT format. TPRA is current reviewing the comments submitted by our members and will release an updated version once completed.

We hope you find this guidebook to be helpful and easy to understand, providing you with relevant tips and examples to ensure successful implementation and/or enhancement of your current TPRM program.

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