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Women only represent 15-20% of the Governance, Risk and Compliance profession

(GRC World Forums, 2021).

Only about 25% of every 100 security and risk management (SRM) executives are women

(Gartner Inc., 2019).

Gender-diverse and inclusive teams outperform gender-homogeneous, less-inclusive teams by an average of 50%

(Gartner Inc., 2019).


Our Goals

  • Uplift women within the TPRM Industry

  • Provide Access to Higher Paying Jobs within TPRM

  • Facilitate Mentorships for Women in TPRM

  • Create a platform for women in TPRM to be recognized, celebrated, and supported.

  • Cultivate the next generation of Women Leaders 


What We Do

  • Meet quarterly to discuss activities to meet our goals, as well as potential barriers.

  • Encourage joining the TPRA Slack Forum for the 'Women in TPRM' channel to continue this important discussion.

    • Our Slack Forum is available to all TPRA Practitioner Members. Membership is FREE. Join here. ​

  • Promote the importance of Women in TPRM and create/provide educational material to organizations.

  • Provide access to talks, tools, and techniques for uplifting and informing Women in TPRM.

  • Highlight Women Leaders in TPRM.

  • Promote TPRM job listings from organizations supporting and uplifting Women.

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Resource Sharing Library

Our Women in TPRM Resource Sharing Library contains a variety of women in business-related materials. Including reports over the latest trends and statistics, blogs and articles on relevant and current happenings, and TED Talks featuring inspiring women in business educating others on how to navigate the business world and find success in their careers. 

If you have a resource you'd like to share with fellow Women in TPRM, send it to Julie Gaiaschi at julie@tprassociation.org to see it added to the site!

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Working Groups

Join one of our working groups and help further our program mission!

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"Diversity matters not just because increasing representation of minorities and women in a fast growing and critical field is the right thing to do, but because a variety of viewpoints are key to solving hard problems."

SVP, General Counsel - Legal, Bitsight

Johanna Werbach

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“...change must come from within the industry and not be mandated from external parties.”

Chief Data and Privacy Officer, MeritB2B

Karie Burt


"With different backgrounds and perspectives and voices at the table and in an environment where their contributions are really valued, you benefit from a much more expansive conversation and one that’s much more likely to uncover the full range of possibilities and solutions."

VP & GM, TPRM, BitSight

Vanessa Jankowski

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The mission of the TPRA is to further the industry of TPRM through knowledge sharing and collaboration. As such, this group is specific to third party risk management. While we recognize the missions of other women-related groups, we will not be addressing topics outside of TPRM.