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Women In TPRM
 Work Groups

Join one of our work groups and help further our program mission while building out valuable resources and new programs!

Educate & Support Work Group

Meetings on the first Tuesday of every other month from 2 - 2:30 PM CT

Work Group Purpose

This working group is dedicated to uplifting women within the TPRM Industry, as well as creating a platform for women in TPRM to be recognized, celebrated, and supported. Activities related to accomplishing this goal may include, but not be limited to, providing access to talks, tools, and techniques for uplifting and informing women in TPRM. In addition, the group may also find and submit resources to be added to our Resource Sharing Library, including reports, TED Talks, relevant articles, etc.


Work Group Objectives & Activities

  • Find talks on YouTube and link to the Women in TPRM Library

  • Write articles for the Women in TPRM Library, as well as the TPRA blog

  • Create videos for TPRA’s YouTube channel

  • Create documents to be downloaded by women and men to educate on certain topics.

  • Promote the importance of Women in TPRM and create/provide educational material to organizations.

  • Provide access to talks, tools, and techniques for uplifting and informing Women in TPRM.

  • Create monthly spotlights for women in TPRM. 

Interested in joining a working group?

Fill out this form to join our working groups to fulfill the program's goals and objectives! You can join one or all of them, whatever works for you!

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