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The Empanada Economy: Flavorful Insights into Third-Party Risk

April 11, 2024

3:10 - 4:00 PM

Valley of the Sun E

In "The Empanada Economy: Flavorful Insights into Third-Party Risk," we explore the parallels between the third-party risks faced by a modest farmers market empanada business and those of larger enterprises. This session delves into key areas such as inherent risk, business resiliency, privacy, technology, and ongoing monitoring, illustrating how the fundamentals of third-party risk management are universal across different scales and sectors.

Jonathan Mandell | CEO & Founder | DocuBark

Jonathan Mandell calls Chicago home and has worked across various tech roles, from Enterprise AE to Business Development. He was part of the founding team of Tiz, which later became Provi, a SaaS company reshaping the alcohol industry. He has worked in third party risk management (TPRM) for the past 6 years, having founded Teepee, a cybersecurity firm delivering solutions in the area of TPRM. Most recently, he has co-founded DocuBark, a cutting-edge SaaS platform that automates TPRM due diligence.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jonathan lives in Chicago with his wife, Hen, and their dog, Roomie. In his free time, he's crafting empanadas, seeking out unique travel spots, and competing furiously in fantasy football. Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and is a proud cheese eating Badger.

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