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Unpacking the DORA & Lessons for Global Firms

April 10, 2024

10:00 - 10:50 AM


The session will run through:

  • What are the current and future regulations in resilience global firms should be worried about?

  • An overview of UK regulation, US privacy state laws, AI regulation, and specifically in the Financial Services the Digital Operational Resilience Act, SEC disclosures, etc

  • What are the key themes global firms should be focusing on in the immediate to build their resilience?

  • Incident Response, understanding your critical dependencies, exercising across severe but plausible scenarios.

  • How to start building a global framework with local nuance.

Laura Hawkins | Principal Consultant | PA Consulting

Laura is an experienced resilience consultant and has worked on projects that cover all aspects of the discipline including third-party risks management, data privacy, business continuity, incident response and exercising. Laura combines her understanding of resilience capabilities with her ability to support and collaborate with others to help create more resilient organizations. Laura has worked in highly regulated environments and prior to PA Consulting worked at the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority in the incident response team and as the lead for crisis management exercising and industry collective action.

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