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Session Tracks & Topic Ideas

All speaking sessions will fall under one of the below tracks. TPRA has provided topic suggestions for interested speakers. These topic ideas are suggestions. Speakers are welcome to speak on one of the below topics, but it is not a requirement. Within the speaker application form below, please note what speaking track you feel your session topic most closely aligns with.

Note: All TPRM service providers must go through the sponsorship process to speak at the conference.

TPRM Fundamentals
(TPRM Essentials & Better Practices)
  • TPRM 101 Manual

  • Frameworks and mapping

  • TPRM Budgeting

  • Metrics & Reporting

  • Maturity Models & Self-Assessments

  • Assessments, Evidence, and artifacts

  • Building your career in TPRM

  • Training & Program Education

  • Resources & Workflow

  • Executive Sponsorship & Oversight

  • Audits

  • Vendor Inventory & Tiering

  • Building your TPRM Reporting from scratch (KRIs, metrics, auidences)

  • Risk assessment/self-assessment

Only the Best Win
(Operational Risk & Resilience)
  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Assessments, Evidence, and artifacts for Critical Vendors

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Risk Escalation & Acceptance

  • Third Party Risk Impact & Incident Response

  • Contracting for Your Program

  • Dashboards and Alerting

  • Insurance Limits & Reviews

  • BC/DR Assessments/Testing

  • Supply Chain and nth party reviews

  • Concentration Risk

  • Critical services vs Critical third parties

  • Operational Risk and considerations in a post-Pandemic world

  • Operational Risk measurement and quantification

Innov-AI-tion Slam Dunk
(Innovation & Automation)
  • Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Benchmarking & Best Practices

  • Program Automation

  • Proactive Risk Management

  • Predictive Risk Analytics

  • Process Optimization & Operational Excellence

  • Environmental, Social Governance Integration

  • Enterprise Integration & Cross-Department Collaboration

  • Journey Mapping your process (customer focus)

  • Assessing Start-ups, FinTechs, and/or Crypto

  • Change Management in your TPRM Program

  • Tools & Technique

  • How SaaS does TPRM

  • Technology

Rules of the Game
(Regulations & Standards)
  • Regulatory Adherence

  • Keeping Pace with Regulatory Change

  • Potential topics for roundtables

  • Working with and Assessing Compliance Risk

  • Interagency Guidance: How are you adapting?

  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Regulations

  • The Future of Regulatory Convergence

  • Balancing Innovation and Compliance

  • Evolving Cybersecurity Regulations

  • Navigating Global Data Privacy Laws

  • Complying with ethical and regulatory guidelines for responsible AI adoption

  • Legal Implications of Non-Compliance

  • Strategies for aligning ethics & ESG

  • TPRM vs. GRC


Speaker Interest Form

Note: All TPRM service providers must go through the sponsorship process to speak at the conference.

Please note: This is not a confirmation of your speaking day/time. We will take your preference into consideration, but cannot promise any specific day/time, as our agenda is always subject to change. Speaking day and time confirmation will be sent closer to the event.

Please note: All speakers must submit a Speaker Interest Form, regardless of whether they are co-speakers or not.

Upload File

Thank you for applying to speak! We will review your application and send confirmation upon approval.

Why Speak


Knowledge Sharing

Speaking at a TPRM conference allows professionals to share their expertise, insights, and best practices with a wider audience, contributing to the overall knowledge pool within the industry.

Educational Impact

By presenting practical case studies, strategies, and real-world challenges, speakers can educate and equip attendees with actionable takeaways that can be implemented in their own TPRM programs.

Professional Development

Preparing and delivering a presentation enhances public speaking, communication, and presentation skills, contributing to the speaker's personal and professional growth.

Contributing to Industry Advancement

Sharing experiences and insights helps advance the overall maturity of TPRM practices by collectively addressing challenges and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Personal Fulfillment

Sharing knowledge and making a meaningful impact on the TPRM community can be personally fulfilling, boosting motivation and job satisfaction for the speaker.

Thought Leadership

Presenting at a conference establishes the speaker as a thought leader in the field of TPRM, enhancing their reputation and credibility among peers and stakeholders.

Exposure to New Ideas

Speaking engagements provide exposure to diverse perspectives and innovative approaches from other experts and attendees, helping professionals broaden their horizons and stay updated on industry trends.

Organizational Visibility

Speaking on behalf of their organization at a conference can increase the visibility and reputation of the company within the TPRM community, potentially attracting new clients and partnerships.

Promoting TPRM Awareness

Speaking at conferences allows professionals to promote the importance of robust TPRM practices and risk mitigation to a broader audience, including potential stakeholders who may not be familiar with the field.

Feedback & Learning

Engaging with the audience during and after presentations provides opportunities for feedback and learning, helping speakers refine their ideas and strategies.

Networking Opportunities

Conferences offer a platform to connect with fellow professionals, vendors, potential partners, and clients, fostering valuable relationships that can lead to collaborations and business opportunities.


Engaging in panel discussions or workshops allows speakers to address common challenges, exchange solutions, and collectively brainstorm new strategies to tackle evolving TPRM issues.

Market Differentiation

Being a conference speaker sets professionals apart from their peers, showcasing their commitment to advancing the industry and positioning them as valuable assets within their organizations.

Inspiring Change

Engaging presentations have the power to inspire attendees to adopt new approaches, implement better processes, and drive positive change within their own organizations.

Contributing to Continuous Learning

Conferences thrive on the exchange of information, and speaking ensures that professionals contribute to this cycle of continuous learning that benefits the entire TPRM ecosystem.

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