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What 2023 Attendees Are Saying

"This event would be nothing without our sponsor population. Really. Those vendors in the third party risk management space who are dedicated not only to developing and offering products which help practitioners like myself and my colleagues do a better job, but also to give back to the community in the form of sponsoring this event. [It’s great] to see so many different vendors out in the pre-function area really interacting with folks that they would maybe never get a chance to expose their products to, and developing relationships that allow them to not only efficiently market their product, but also to get a sense for what practitioners like myself and my colleagues in attendance here today are really looking for. see that vendors really value this opportunity to get out in front of the Third Party Risk Association’s body of members. It's really amazing. I'm very hopeful that we will have even more vendors sponsor our event next year and really partner with us to to grow this event as large as we can to make it as meaningful as possible."

~ Vincent Scales | Director, TPRM | Verizon

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