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Ejona Preci

Ejona Preci

Principle Manager - Cybersecurity Risk



Ejona Preçi is an enthusiastic cybersecurity professional with over 12 years of experience in the field, demonstrating a profound dedication to promoting diversity within the cybersecurity realm. She holds the position of Principal Manager for Cybersecurity Risk at FREENOW where her responsibilities encompass overseeing and managing both cyber and third-party risks.

In addition, Ejona also serves as the President for WiCyS Germany, where she empowers women and other underrepresented groups in cybersecurity.

With an impressive array of security certifications (CISSP, CISM, CRISC, and ITIL v4), Ejona possesses a robust cybersecurity background. She has earned recognition as a prominent figure in the industry, garnering features in online magazines and social networks for her roles as a mentor, author, podcaster, community builder, and keynote speaker. 

Ejona has been recognised as one of the 44 Cyber Power Women in the Top Cyber News Magazine and shortlisted for Cybersecurity Woman of the Year Award 2023. Recognizing the need for accessible and engaging cybersecurity content, Ejona has started her own podcast called "Cyberstar Talk Podcast”.

Leadership Characteristics

Ejona is passionate about fostering synergy within the workplace. She firmly believes that collaboration and the effective leverage of individual talents are the cornerstone of success. Her commitment to this ethos drives her to not only identify and nurture the unique strengths of her team members but also to create an environment where their talents can flourish. By promoting a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, she aims to elevate the collective expertise and ensure that every member is thriving in their roles.

Leadership Challenges

Historically, risk professionals were perceived as adversaries in workplaces. However, the mindset has now shifted towards recognizing the value they bring. Ejona's challenge is to demystify risk for managers and other business professionals, fostering better communication and collaboration while maintaining a focus on effective risk management.

Key Take-a-ways

“I follow the approach of conveying to risk owners that it's not me against them but us against the problem, striving to create a united front in addressing challenges.”

Fun Fact

Ejona enjoys traveling and has an insatiable curiosity about different cultures. Back when she was a kid, she wanted to become a TV presenter, and now, she's living a version of that dream as a cybersecurity podcaster and influencer!

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