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Glee Coffeen

SVP, Head of Policy and Practice Adherence

Truist Financial Corp

Leader Bio

Glee Coffeen is a senior risk management professional who brings a practitioner's experience to the theoretical application of risk management principles. She possesses over twenty years of progressive financial services industry experience including management roles in operations, compliance, and operational risk covering brokerage, insurance, investment advisory, wealth management, banking, lending, and mortgage business lines. Her most recent role established a center-led unit focused on the operating risks of a procurement function, including compliance with third party risk requirements.

Leadership Challenges

Having been blessed to follow a "fixer" path in her career, Glee is able to leverage her breadth of experience to observe and assess broad schemes of activity to determine a holistic approach to solutions. A common leadership challenge comes in addressing the disconnect between theorists and practitioners. Theorists often establish binary requirements, which do not enable or support a practitioner's multi-factor, dynamic world. Using her ability to bridge the dialogue and connect the needs, Glee is able to influence and drive for solutions which provide for comprehensive success.

Key Takeaways

A quote posted on Glee's refrigerator for over twenty years and something she holds as a mantra for life comes from Theodore Roosevelt,

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

Fun Fact

Glee is an eclectic lover of music who has the ability to infuse positivity and fun through the way she naturally connects conversations to lyrics. Beyond the office, she enjoys genealogy research, reading, and supporting her husband's love of disc golf.

Glee Coffeen

Myers-Briggs: ESTJ

Strengths Finder 2.0: Responsibility, Strategic, Analytical, Achiever, Relator

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