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Jill Czerwinski

Jill Czerwinski

Managing Partner - Third Party Risk Services

Crowe LLP


Jill has been with Crowe for over 20 years, and started the third party risk practice in 2009. She started her career in Cybersecurity, pivoting after seeing clients suffer a breach due to vendors despite strong internal security programs.

Leadership Characteristics

Jill's Meyers Briggs profile is an ISTJ - meaning she thrives on observing and analyzing facts. She has always been drawn to consulting because of the ability to independently observe many companies and synthesize their strengths and weaknesses. Third party risk plays to her strengths with even more company data points.

Leadership Challenges

Jill's primary challenge in leadership is slowing down. She sometimes moves too quickly through tasks without taking the opportunity to observe, ask, collaborate, and listen. She often focuses with relentless prioritization, asking what she can stop doing so she can do other things with more focus.

Key Take-a-ways

Jill enjoys Third Party Risk because of the opportunity to get a bird's-eye-view into a company's extended ecosystem. She notes: "If you think of your job as a questionnaire processor, you miss the opportunity to take a step back and see the strategy in all those tasks."

Fun Fact

Jill enjoys traveling with her husband and two children. They've been to about a dozen states so far, with a trip out West to the National Parks planned for next year.

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