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Madiha Fatima

Director - Head of Third Party Risk Management

Angelo Gordon

Leader Bio

Madiha Fatima is a Director and Head of Third Party Risk Management at Angelo Gordon, where she leads the development of Third Party Risk Management framework while enabling businesses to achieve their strategic objectives from utilizing service providers. Angelo Gordon is a leading global investment management firm headquartered in New York. Madiha oversees the firmwide Third Party Risk Management function including vendor cyber, technology, business continuity and data security assessments and governance. Madiha is a very well-known industry expert in risk management. She has been featured as Top 50 Women Leaders of New York as well as in Wall Street Journal and published in various magazines. Prior to joining Angelo Gordon, Madiha Fatima served as Head of Third Party Risk Governance & Oversight at DTCC. Madiha is a Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP). Madiha earned a Bachelor of Science in Financial and Capital Markets from Rutgers Business School.

Leadership Challenges

Madiha worked her whole career in a challenging environment showcasing her resilience by her continuous achievements throughout her career. She is one of the Top 20 youngest executives and rising stars of wall street.

Key Takeaway
"TPRM is one function where you have to be an expert in several different areas of risk management, strategy and operations to be successful. TPRM leaders are versatile and can provide effective leadership in many different areas due to their ability of being jack of all trades whether its cyber, regulatory, BCM or info sec, we challenge and do it all."
Fun Fact
"TPRM is the fun part about me; however, if I have to choose one thing outside my passion for TPRM, it would be cooking. I love cooking and find it very relaxing. I love trying different cuisines and from-scratch recipes."

Madiha Fatima
Leadership Characteristics

D&I champion, Madiha launched various programs focused on women advancement in financial industry. She has been recognized and awarded the outstanding leadership award by Financial Industry awards hosted by DTCC and FICC.

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