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Natasa Simovic

Third Party Risk Analyst

Telesign Corporation

Leader Bio

Natasa has been in the Third-Party Risk Management for four years at Telesign Corporation, a US based company providing digital identity and programable communications APIs to prevent fraud and enable omnichannel engagement. In her current position, she manages activities throughout the TPRM lifecycle, conduct assessment process, develop and implement the TPRM program, Policy and Procedure requirements, hold trainings. Her efforts are directed to have a strong TPRM program in place and to raise awareness in general of its importance.

Leadership Challenges

Natasa built her organization's program and processes from the ground up in the IT industry.

"It was really challenging, and still is, to promote and develop a TPRM role and TPRM program in the non-financial environment, to educate and invite to the collaboration all teams and involved parties."

Key Takeaways
"I find it of priceless value to have an organization such as the TPRA and all its members, programs and sources as a supporting partner in my TPRM role development."

Fun Fact
"TPRM awakened a whole new world within me - it increases my creativity to an unexpected level, inspires me to constantly explore further, learn, and make my environment safer."

Natasa Simovic

Respect, dedication, responsibility, ethics, a desire to learn, & smile

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