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Vicki Dean

Senior Strategic Sales Director

Supply Wisdom

Leader Bio

Vicki Dean is Senior Strategic Sales Director at Supply Wisdom, an always-on monitoring solution helping companies stay ahead of supply chain disruptions. Building relationships in this industry and working as a partner to design risk-mitigating solutions has become a passion for Vicki. Prior to joining Supply Wisdom, Vicki was Senior Vice President at Shared Assessments, a member-driven organization delivering secure and resilient third-party partnerships and solutions, and the creator of the widely used SIG (Standardized Information Gathering) questionnaire. She is also a proud holder of the Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) designation.

Leadership Challenges

At the beginning of her career, Vicki spent nearly a decade working for the National Agency of Record for General Motors. She was a young woman in a man’s world and was almost always the only female in the room. This experience taught her many things about how to be heard, back up her objectives with metrics, and lead with confidence. Although there were bumps in the road, she has always felt respected, and she attributes a lot of that to the fact that early on she applied a life motto which she refers to as the kindness principle. Vicki goes into every business situation with an open mind and kind heart, which has proven to be successful for her throughout her entire career. She has built entire teams based on this principle and has proven to leadership and boards that leading with kindness yields superior results.

Key Takeaways
"I have found the TPRM community to be one where collaboration and relationships are highly valued. We all should work hard every day to keep that collaboration going because it truly contributes to the greater good."
Fun Fact

More than anything Vicki enjoys spending time with her 3 daughters, Anna, Rayna and Jessica. She also has a passion for hiking, and her favorites so far are Devil’s Bridge in Sedona and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Vicki Dean

Vicki believes in always leading with kindness.

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