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Third Party Risk Management Service Provider
Innovator Award

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Award Criteria

  • Any TPRM Service Provider organization may apply (does not need to be a TPRA Vendor Member). 

  • Must be a TPRM Service Provider organization that offers a product and/or service to the TPRM Practitioner community at large to assist with identifying, assessing, monitoring, and/or mitigating third party risk.  (Ex. GRC Platform, TPRM Platform, TPRM Service Provider, Risk Rating/Intelligence Tool) 

  • Actively advances the industry through pioneering and/or innovating TPRM solutions/services.  

  • Regularly collaborates with Practitioners, Regulators, and/or other Service Providers in the creation, implementation, and/or delivery of their innovative products/services.   

  • Advocates for and exemplifies social responsibility and philanthropy. 

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