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Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips

VP, Procurement and Vendor Risk

Lendmark Financial Services


Chris has an extensive background within the banking and financial industry with an emphasis in Regulatory Compliance, Third-Party Risk Management, and Procurement. Chris's skills include the ability to identify solutions to improve internal processes, self-starter, and exceptional problem solver. Her skills and experience assisted in successfully developing, implementing, and overseeing the current Third-Party Risk Management Program at Lendmark Financial Services.

Certifications included: Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager IV (CRVPM IV)

Leadership Characteristics

Of her many outstanding qualities, Chris has a genuine care and concern for people and enjoys coaching and mentoring others as they endeavor to unlock their inner potential. Servant leadership is at the core of who she is. The saying “There is no ‘I’ in team” is a daily motto that Chris incorporates into her day-to-day responsibilities.

Leadership Challenges

Having the controls in place to identify and mitigate potential risk sooner rather is a sign of a strong Third-Party Risk Management program. Hindsight is having the ability to see something more clearly after the fact. Once the contract has been executed, the organization will have to live with all that comes along with that contract. Contracts are legally binding agreements between two or more parties. Having the Procurement and Vendor Risk teams engaged sooner rather than later will assist with identifying and mitigating potential risks.

Key Take-a-ways

"I find having a career in Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) to be very fulfilling.  No two days are every alike. TPRM requires being adaptable and having the ability to think outside the box.  TPRM is so much more than following a checklist. Each vendor relationship is unique and must be viewed from various lenses to ensure proper tracking and monitoring of the vendor relationship from a risk perspective, knowing the compliance and regulatory requirements, and collaborating with the various stakeholders."

Fun Fact

Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Charles and two children, Ryan and Morgan. She also enjoys exercising, coaching/mentoring, and volunteering.

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