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Sophie	Bennett

Sophie Bennett

Previously: VP, Vendor Management

Lloyds Bank


I am a professional specializing in Third-Party Risk Management. My unique global perspective has been shaped by 10 years working across UK, the Philippines and New York (7 years). My background in procurement, supplier assurance, and supplier management equips me to deliver effective results. I am deeply committed to meeting internal needs while adeptly managing evolving external risks in a fast-paced environment. At Lloyds Bank North America I was responsible for overseeing around 300 vendor relationships!

Leadership Characteristics

Leading with kindness and empathy. Diversity and inclusion can underpins success!

Leadership Challenges

I arrived to New York from London more than seven years ago where I built up the procurement and supplier assurance policies and procedures for Lloyds Bank North America.

Key Take-a-ways

My favorite aspect of TPRM is that it is ever-evolving!

Fun Fact

I've featured as an extra in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

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