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TPRA Certification Renewal

In order to maintain certification status, earners will be required to renew their certification ($100 for Standard, Vendor, and Non-members. $85 for Premium Members), and to submit evidence of at least 20 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits on an annual basis. Using the form below, you can submit payment for your Certification Renewal. 

Submit Payment

Please complete the below form to submit payment for your Certification Renewal.


Please note: Failure to provide the payment amount accurately associated with your Membership Status may result in your Certification Status being revoked, and put your eligibility for future TPRA certifications under consideration by TPRA Staff, Certification Program Personnel, and the TPRA Board of Directors. All information in the below form will be reviewed and validated by TPRA Staff. Any discrepancies may delay your Certification Renewal.

TPRA reserves the right to revoke Certification Status from any person, at any time, and for any reason.

Select an item ($)

Thank you for submitting payment for your Certification Renewal. You will notified upon review & approval. Once approved, your Credly Badge will be reissued.

Please ensure you have submitted at least 20 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits using the form below in order to be approved for renewal.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

Using the form below, please submit evidence to your recipiency of CPE credits for the current year. You must complete the form for every event/training/education or otherwise instance of receiving CPE credits separately. All TPRA Certifications require 20 hours of evidence per year.

Please note: It is necessary that you have a Site Member Account in order to submit materials to this form and track hours. If you are already a TPRA Member, you already have a Site Member Account. If you are not a TPRA Member, please create an account by selecting "Member Log In" above. You do not need to become a TPRA Member in order to create a Site Member Account.

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