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Abigail Pia Magat

Abigail Pia Magat

TPRM Manager

EY GDS Philippines


Abigail is a Third Party Risk Manager at EY GDS Philippines. She has spent the duration of her career in fraud prevention, risk management and regulatory compliance. She is currently focused on third-party risk management and threat risk assessment. She manages end-to-end TPRM Programs that includes Risk Profiling, Third-Party Risk Assessments, Findings management, etc. that is aligned to different information security standards, such as but not limited to, ISO27001, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI-DSS, etc. Abigail played an integral role in the stabilization and growth of TPRM in EY GDS Philippines during the pandemic. She leveraged her experience and leadership skills, to ensure the team continued to perform at a high level and at the same time, capitalize on the growth opportunities presented.

Leadership Characteristics

Throughout the years, Abigail has shown great commitment to her work and is someone that can be trusted as she always carries herself with integrity. Abigail is also supportive to her direct reports and appreciative in the work they do. Additionally, Abigail is detail oriented and has great communication skills.

Leadership Challenges

A challenge a leader always faces is balancing the responsibilities of work and family, and taking care of their mental and physical health. As a leader, Abigail understands that her responsibilities increased and expectations are higher. The demand for success in her engagements, coupled with ensuring a high-performing team, meant increased pressure to perform. Abigail realized that the key to becoming effective in her role and maintaining a healthy balance was learning how to delegate and setting boundaries for work and personal life.

Key Take-a-ways

Cybersecurity Risks is continuously evolving as new threats and vulnerabilities are discovered. With the implementation of different Data Protection Laws and Regulatory, the risk appetite of organizations has shifted, investing time and effort in improving their cybersecurity governance and compliance. Although the use of Third Parties has a lot of benefits to organizations, it also comes with great responsibilities to ensure that the risks associated with third parties are identified, evaluated and addressed in a timely manner.

Fun Fact

Abigail enjoys collecting and listening vinyl records during her free time. She also loves spending time with her four adorable cats (Molly, Marly, Shadow and Mocha) and one dog (Max).

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